To Be With You (2019): Episode 61-63 Recap

Things are wrapping up! Ou Chang Lin makes a choice. Ou Yang makes a startling discovery that changes everything. Chen Zhe becomes increasingly unhinged.

Has this been an emotional roller coaster or what?

Episode 61

Mei Ya agrees, no matter what Ou Chang Lin gave her life. She asks Li Dong to postpone the trip to America.

At the hospital, Mei Ya waits for the test results. Ou Yang tells Si Yu to go home but she says she wants to stay by his side. The doctor tells Mei Ya she’s a match. Ou Yang’s mom apologizes to Mei Ya for the unpleasant things she did to her in the past. 

Zi Jie sits at Ruo Nan’s side in the hospital room waiting for her to wake up.

Chen Zhe walks down the street looking unhinged. He goes to Ou Rui’s dad’s convenience store and tells him Si Yu and Ou Yang’s wedding has been postponed because OCL was in a serious car accident. 

Ou Yang asks the doctor about his blood type, since it doesn’t match either of his parents. It’s possible that his mom was wrong about her blood type, so Ou Yang asks his mom to get another blood test to confirm. 

Chen Zhe waits at the Ou house for Ou Rui. She stops the car and rolls down her window. He says he’s been at home reflecting, but Ou Rui says she knows he’s been interviewing. He wants to be by her side while she’s going through this difficult time but she (of course) declines. 

Ou Yang’s mom looks at her blood test result and Ou Yang asks her if there’s something she hasn’t told him. She says this can’t be, looking troubled. Ou Rui’s dad is blood type A. 

Speak of the devil: Ou Rui’s dad comes to the hospital and stands outside OCL’s hospital room. (How is it so easy for everyone to find and enter hospital rooms?) OCL wakes up. Ou Rui’s dad says OCL is getting what he deserves. He saw him as his best friend but he ruined his business, caused him to go to jail for 20 years, stole his wife and daughter. OCL apologizes but Ou Rui’s dad doesn’t accept. He taunts OCL by briefly removing his breathing mask.

Ou Yang and his mom enter. Ou Yang asks Ou Rui’s dad what he’s doing (without knowing who he is). Ou Rui enters and pulls Ou Yang off him, calling him dad and asking what he’s doing here. The two of them leave. Ou Yang looks dazed after hearing Ou Rui call him dad. Ou Yang’s mom asks how OCL is doing and he says he wants to see Mei Ya.

Ou Rui takes her dad outside and asks him what he was doing. He says he waited 20 years to get revenge on OCL and she ruined his plans. She asks him why he is still after revenge, the past is the past. Can’t he appreciate the present? OCL is already in the hospital, isn’t that punishment enough? She wants to try to rebuild their relationship but he angrily walks off.

OCL tells his wife and Ou Yang that he can’t accept Mei Ya’s kidney and he’s near death anyways. 

Mei Ya apologizes to her dad for the change in plans. Chen Zhe finishes off a can of beer in the hallway before entering Mei Ya’s dad’s hospital room and accusing her of giving her kidney in exchange for money. She slaps him and he gets on his knees to beg for another chance. He says he never loved Ou Rui and only loved her. She tries to push him out of the room and he yells that OCL has done terrible things. Mei Ya says she doesn’t recognize who he is anymore. He accuses OCL and Ou Yang of using her because she’s too kindhearted and knew she wouldn’t say no.

Li Dong hears the yelling from the hallway and pulls Chen Zhe off her, demanding he leave. Li Dong apologizes to Mei Ya for arriving late. 

As Chen Zhe leaves, Ou Yang appears from around the corner and looks into the room to see Li Dong with Mei Ya. He thinks back to what his mom said about Ou Rui’s dad being blood type A, Ou Rui’s dad in OCL’s room earlier, and asking Li Dong to take care of Mei Ya forever. 

Ou Yang seeks out Ou Rui’s dad at his convenience store. He looks at the cigarettes in the ashtray on the table and asks Ou Rui’s dad if he smoked all those. Ou Rui’s dad walks off and Ou Yang glances at him before taking one of the cigarettes and leaving. 

Zi Jie paces in his wheelchair in the hallway. Mei Ya asks how Ruo Nan is doing. Zi Jie says she shouldn’t have told Li Dong what he said. Mei Ya replies that she didn’t tell anyone but her actions unintentionally caused a mess. Zi Jie says Ruo Nan doesn’t want to see anyone and Mei Ya asks him to tell her if there are any changes. Ou Yang’s mom comes to find Mei Ya, telling her that OCL wants to see her. 

Episode 62

OCL says he’s a dying person and absolutely cannot accept Mei Ya’s kidney. He already owes her more than he can repay but of course MY tells him it’s ok.

Ou Yang’s mom sits by her husband’s bed. After she falls asleep, OCL removes the breathing mask. Cue another flashback sequence. OCL takes his last breath and dies.

Mei Ya receives a call and rushes to the hospital. Inside his room OCL is surrounded by his family and Yi Long. 

Zi Jie says there’s something he has to tell Ruo Nan and tells her not to be too sad because it’ll be bad for her injuries. He tells her OCL died. Ruo Nan feels guilty; if she hadn’t gotten into that fight, OCL wouldn’t have come to get her, and the accident wouldn’t have happened. Zi Jie says it’s his fault for going to Mei Ya and starting this chain of events. 

They bury Ou Chang Lin. Wei Wei comforts Mei Ya. At the burial, Ou Yang’s mom wishes OCL and Mei Ya’s mom happiness together in the afterlife, saying she was the one he had loved. 

Chen Zhe sits in the hospital and goes into Mei Ya’s dad’s room. He talks about Mei Ya’s dad teaching him to cook when he was young. Mei Ya’s dad wakes up and Chen Zhe goes outside to see if anyone is around before tearfully apologizing while smothering him. He suddenly flashes back to when he let go of his hand on the balcony, becomes frantic and leaves. 

In Li Dong’s car, Mei Ya receives a call that her dad has woken up. She smiles happily and they go to the hospital. Mei Ya tearfully hugs her dad and the doctor tells Mei Ya he’s going to be ok.

Ou Yang’s mom meets with Ou Rui’s dad and tells him she thinks Ou Yang is his son. He thinks back to when Ou Yang came to look for him. OCL left half of his fortune to her and split the other half between his four children. He left money for Ou Rui’s dad as well.

Episode 63

Mei Ya’s dad says this time has been difficult for her and Mei Ya thanks him for waking up. Her dad asks if she knows about her and Ou Yang (being siblings) now. He says that he knew when he found her at the orphanage that OCL was her father. Mei Ya says she understands that he was doing what he thought was best for her. (Was that best for her though? OCL could’ve paid for the medical costs.) She asks what happened that day and how he fell. Mei Ya’s dad claims he just drank too much and accidentally fell off.

In a frenzy, Chen Zhe calls Ou Rui’s dad but he doesn’t pick up. He gets drunk.

Ou Yang receives the DNA test results that confirm he is the son of Ou Rui’s dad. He seeks out his biological dad and shows him the test results. Ou Yang tells Ou Rui’s dad about what his childhood was like in the Ou house.

Ou Yang goes to Si Yu’s home to break off the engagement. Si Yu’s dad is livid at Ou Yang for not staying true to his word. Ou Yang says he is aware of the consequences but he can’t marry Si Yu; she deserves someone who loves her wholeheartedly and he wishes her happiness. Si Yu’s dad leaves angrily, and Ou Yang apologizes to Si Yu. He tells her he’s discovered he is not Ou Chang Lin’s biological son. Shocked, Si Yu asks who told him this. Ou Yang says when he tried to donate his kidney to his dad he wasn’t a match and it turns out he and Ou Rui share the same father. Si Yu understands that this means he and Mei Ya are not related by blood, and he wants to be with Mei Ya again. She tells him to leave immediately but then runs after him.

She hugs him and apologizes, asking him not to leave. She says he already agreed to be with her so why is he doing this. Ou Yang says he tried as best as he could but doesn’t want to lie to her or himself. As a friend, he hopes she can find love but it isn’t him.

Chen Zhe angrily walks down the street and goes to Ou Rui’s dad’s convenience store. He says once Mei Ya’s dad tells the truth it’s over for both of them.

Wei Wei jokes with her brother that they’re so different, they should get their DNA tested.

Ou Yang comes to the restaurant and asks Li Dong if they can talk. He tells Li Dong that he is not Ou Chang Lin’s biological son, and shares a father with Ou Rui. Wei Wei overhears and asks Ou Yang if this is a joke. Li Dong asks, so what? Ou Yang says he loves Mei Ya, and when he found out he wasn’t Ou Chang Lin’s son, he felt relieved and thought only of Mei Ya.

Wei Wei blurts out, so you’re here to inform my brother you’re taking Mei Ya back, after everything he’s done for her. Li Dong says he loves Mei Ya, and not a bit less than Ou Yang does. The heavens really played an unbelievable joke on them, let them fall in love with the same woman in different ways. He says that Mei Ya has the right to choose who she wants to be with, and Ou Yang didn’t need to come and tell him. If the two of them end up together, he wishes them well.

Wei Wei is heartbroken and lashes out angrily at Ou Yang for treating her brother like this. Li Dong hugs her and comforts her, and sheds some tears himself, too. (This is so sad. Li sibs deserve better.)

Chen Zhe comes to the food stall where Mei Ya is working. She sees him and still kindly invites him to her food stall but Chen Zhe turns and walks away.

Remembering Ou Yang and Ou Rui’s words, Ou Rui’s dad burns the photos he was using as targets when he was planning revenge.

The aunt visits Mei Ya’s dad, who is shocked by how much she has changed.

Ou Yang calls Mei Ya and says he wants to talk to her. He’s waiting outside.

My Thoughts

The moment you’ve been waiting for is here! I knew it would turn out that Ou Yang and Mei Ya weren’t related, but after everything that’s happened, especially that devastating scene with Li Dong and Wei Wei, I can’t say that I feel particularly happy about it. It’s sad that Ou Yang and Li Dong’s friendship will never be the same again.

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