To Be With You (2019): Episode 64-65 Finale Recap

Wow, can you believe we’ve made it to the final two episodes? Let’s get straight to the recap, because it’s a thrilling penultimate episode as Chen Zhe is driven to the brink and resorts to drastic actions.

Episode 64

Chen Zhe enters Ou Rui’s office (how did he get past security in the lobby and the reception desk?!) and says he’ll agree to breaking up with her for 10,000,000. If she agrees, he’ll never bother her again. Ou Rui simply calls security, and he leaves before they arrive.

Mei Ya meets Ou Yang and asks why he’s looking for her. He tells her about his kidney not being a match for Ou Chang Lin—he’s not her brother. He shows her the DNA test results.

Ou Rui’s dad comes to Mei Ya’s dad’s hospital room. Mei Ya’s dad says he didn’t report what Ou Rui’s dad did because he doesn’t want to perpetuate the cycle of hate and revenge.

Chen Zhe hides in the parking garage waiting for Ou Rui.  As soon as she gets into her car, he jumps into the backseat. He tells Ou Rui he and her dad planned Ou Yang’s kidnapping but her dad plotted to kill both him and Ou Yang. He threatens Ou Rui, saying she wouldn’t want him to hand the kidnapper’s phone over to the police and send her dad back to prison.

Ou Rui asks Chen Zhe if he deliberately killed the kidnapper while secretly dials the police. Unfortunately, he hears the call and knocks her out. As he’s placing her in the trunk, security spots him but he drives away.

Mei Ya is uncertain how to respond to this turn of events. Ou Yang says he’s always been in love with her and asks her if she has feelings for Li Dong. He says he doesn’t care if he’s being selfish, he just wants to be with her, and pulls her into his arms. ~ cue flashbacks of all their happy relationship moments ~

Ou Rui’s dad tells Mei Ya’s dad that Ou Yang is his son. He planned the kidnapping and almost killed his own son. He says he’s going to turn himself in to face the things he’s done and accept responsibility. 

Just as Ou Yang and Mei Ya are enjoying their happy reunion, Ou Yang gets a call from security about his sister being kidnapped by Chen Zhe.

Li Dong fights out his heartbreak at the gym (for two hours) as Wei Wei watches sadly, beginning him to stop. Finally, she steps in front of him to get him to stop. She asks her brother not to give up on Mei Ya until he hears it from her personally and hugs him. (There’s blood dripping from his hands…)

Chen Zhe is surrounded by the police with Ou Rui tied up beside him. The car’s gas cap is open and he holds a lighter. He yells at Ou Rui for not just giving him the money and causing things to end like this. He says he’s ready to meet his parents (in the afterlife). Ou Yang and Mei Ya arrive at the scene and Mei Ya asks to go over and speak to Chen Zhe. Ou Yang wants to go with her but Mei Ya says it’ll only worsen the situation if he’s there. He hugs her before letting her go.

Episode 65

Mei Ya asks Chen Zhe to let Ou Rui go and she’ll stay with him. Chen Zhe apologizes for throwing away 20 years together and he’s grateful he has a chance to apologize before he dies. She says if he dies there’ll be nothing left, but he says he already has nothing. He’s done too many terrible things, with no way out. She tells him he has a choice. She asks him to remember how they met, her first day at the orphanage when she cried alone in a corner until he stayed by her side and protected her from bullies. She says that’s who he really is, that’s who he is in her heart.

Chen Zhe gets up slowly but when Ou Rui tries to run away, he grabs her. He confesses that he’s the one who caused Mei Ya’s dad’s accident. Mei Ya says her dad didn’t say anything. He can explain things to the police, and she and her dad will stay by his side and wait for him.

She covers his hand and closes the lighter. Chen Zhe lets Ou Rui go. Mei Ya takes Chen Zhe’s hand and leads him to the police. They exchange a sad smile before he turns himself in and is taken into custody.

Li Dong is on an airplane. 😢

Mei Ya tells Ou Yang she hasn’t explained things to Li Dong but he says he did before he came to find her. Li Dong left Mei Ya a message saying he understands that she’s struggling with how to face him. He wishes her well and says he’s leaving for a while.

Ou Yang, Mei Ya, and Si Yu have a meal together at the same restaurant where he gave Si Yu the necklace. (I thought this was another flashback at first.) Si Yu says she’s going back to France and thanks them for coming to send her off. Ou Yang apologizes to her but she admits she’s the one who should apologize. She knew they were together but she wouldn’t give up.

During this exchange between Ou Yang and Si Yu, Mei Ya just sits there silently with her head down and it weirds me out. It makes it seem like she’s the guilty party or some kind of third wheel.

Si Yu asks Mei Ya if they can be friends again and gives Mei Ya the necklace. (She’s wearing hers already.) ~ a montage of their friendship highlights ~ Mei Ya puts the necklace on. They smile at each other, tearing up.

One year later.

Mei Ya works at the food stall with Tu Dou and her dad. (If it’s been a year, why hasn’t she returned to Oushi or found a new job in her field?! She had talent!) Li Dong comes and sits down at a table while Mei Ya is busy with other customers. Surprised, Mei Ya is speechless for a moment. She asks where he’s been for the past year. They looked for him and worried about him. He apologizes, saying he spent the time in a place where no one knew him to reflect over things. He’s thought things over clearly and came back. She says she’s been waiting to apologize. Li Dong replies that he said before that he’d let go when she found someone she loved. Because of meeting her, he learned he had the ability to love. She returns his key, explaining that Ou Yang told her the apartment didn’t actually belong to his ‘friend’. Li Dong says if Ou Yang hurts her he’ll beat him up for her. He says he has to go to his restaurant and see how Wei Wei is doing.

Li Dong leaves but then turns back to open his arms for a hug. Mei Ya pauses for a moment before finally giving him a genuine smile and hugging him. They hug happily before he leaves. 

Wei Wei and the employees hide with confetti cannons. He is shocked to discover Zi Jie and Ruo Nan working there as waiters. Ruo Nan shares that the two of them moved out of the Ou house, and Wei Wei says she and Ruo Nan are close friends now. They all receive a message from Ou Yang.

Everyone has gathered for dinner—Mei Ya, Ou Yang, Ou Rui, Ou Rui’s mom, Mei Ya’s dad, Mei Ya’s aunt and her husband, Wei Wei, Li Dong, Ruo Nan, Zi Jie, Tu Dou. (Excuse me, why wasn’t Yi Long invited?!?!?!?!?) Mei Ya’s dad mentions Ou Rui’s dad went to jail. Mei Ya’s aunt and her husband reconciled.

Ou Rui asks Mei Ya to come back to Oushi. The research department was in Suzhou but they’ve set up a team locally for her. Mei Ya thanks her, and announces that they’re celebrating today because she and Ou Yang finalized the paperwork for reopening the orphanage.

But then, Ou Yang cuts in to say there’s another reason and pulls Mei Ya away. He proposes, with the same ring, at the same place, to signify that his love for her has never changed. Of course she says yes, and everyone cheers.

They kiss. And that’s it!

My Thoughts

I’ll write a separate review post of the show as a whole, but the ending is satisfying I guess, with all the characters together happily and Ou Yang’s proposal. I’m not surprised Chen Zhe’s story arc ended like this, but the police can’t do anything and Mei Ya steps in to be the hero? Where are the trained hostage negotiators?! Anyways, I’m relieved this emotional roller coaster is over.

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  1. A drama as beautiful as this should have english subtitles. The writer and producers should have anticipated English subs for viewers who don’t speak and understand mandarin. It is so frustrating!

  2. Thank you so much for writing the recaps! Now I can cross this one off of my to-watch-list.

    This one had way too much drama for me. I’m not a fan of the main couple thinking they’re siblings trope and I especially hated how quickly he turned to Mei Ya’s friend (seriously, you couldn’t find some other girl to help advance company matters but it just had to be her friend?! You selfish ass) and that he wasn’t there for Mei Ya when she needed him most.

    Well, I feel sorry you had to watch alls 65 episodes of this, but still I’m really grateful for the recaps, so thanks again!

    By the way, did you happen to watch A Little Love Song? I’ve been waiting for subs for this one for so long and I just want to know if it’s even worth the wait. 🙂 If you watched it, did you enjoy it?

    Have a nice day!

    1. You’re welcome and thank you for reading them! 🙂 Gosh yes, the siblings trope is The Worst. I’m amazed I made it through all 65 episodes.

      I have not watched A Little Love Song but I’ll look for it and give it a try!!

  3. Thanks for the recap. The drama was dragging and 65 episodes was too long with lots of flashback scenes taking up the screen time. Your recap was the perfect escape. Thanks.

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