You Are My Starlight (2020): Episodes 2-5 Recap

You Are My Starlight Episode 5

In episodes 2-5, Zhi Yao is unbothered by Shi Chu’s efforts to one-up him at the company, as he tries to figure out if Qin Shu is Qi Luo. Qin Shu is devastated by the news she learns about A Ze and retaliates against Zhi Yao, but learns some surprising things about what he has done in the past and present.

These are shorter recaps than the one I wrote for episode one, with no screen caps.

Episode 2

Zhi Yao’s cousin, Wu Shi Chu (Yu Xiao Chen), promises his grandfather that he can catch up with Qing Shu’s silk coating expertise in three months. Their grandfather gives them one month to figure out silk coating or acquire Qing Shu.

Zhi Yao visits Qin Shu at Qing Shu’s factory and suggests that Lu Shi and Qing Shu merge. Qin Shu flat out refuses, despite Zhiyao’s warning that their companies will end fierce rivals instead. Later, Zhi Yao flashes back to memories of Qi Luo and believes that Qin Shu may be Qi Luo.

Qin Shu goes to Gu Man Man’s (Sun Jia Lu) restaurant, and Manman drunkenly mistakes her for her best friend Qiluo. Zhiyao secretly pays the landlord for lending money to Manman and then shows up at Manman’s restaurant, surprised to find Qin Shu there. Man Man angrily curses him out when she realizes they know each other, and warns Qin Shu of what happens to the women who get involved with him—one of them is dead and the other is lying in a hospital bed.

Qin Shu and Zhi Yao both leave the restaurant. Since taxis are difficult to hail in the area and Qin Shu is heading to a newly-opened store that happens to be under Lu Shi, he suggests they go together in his car. (She sits in the back of his car instead of in the passenger seat, LOL.)

At the store, Zhi Yao receives a phone call from Xiao Yu, who calls him brother-in-law. Xiao Yu shows up at the store, having seen Zhiyao’s car outside. He’s surprised when he recognizes Qin Shu and since it’s his sister Ming Yu’s birthday, he takes both of them to visit the hospital with him.

When Xiao Ya tells his parents he’s brought Qin Shu, his mother tearfully tells Qin Shu that the Bai family is apologetic towards her. Qin Shu explains that she’s been in France recovering these past few years. She flashes back to the fire, when Zhi Yao carried Ming Yu out of the fire. Ming Yu’s mother shares that all these years, Zhi Yao has had a dress specially-designed for Ming Yu on every holiday, birthday, and anniversary.

Qin Shu visits Man Man at her restaurant again, telling her she has nothing to do with Zhi Yao. A few drinks in, Manman starts talking about the day of the fire and how she tried to stop Qi Luo from confronting Zhiyao. She cries over losing both Qi Luo and A Ze, Qiluo’s younger brother. The day of the fire, Qin Shu had left A Ze with Man Man while she went to Zhi Yao’s wedding. Devastated over learning he died, she regrets it and feels anger towards Zhi Yao.

Episode 3

Lu Shi and Qing Shu discuss their collaboration plans, and tension is thick between Lu Zhi Yao and Wu Shi Chu. Qin Shu rejects Zhi Yao’s lunch invitation to discuss a merger. At home, Wei Ran asks Qin Shu how she feels after seeing Ming Yu and Lu Zhi Yao. That night she wakes up from a nightmare about A Ze and vows to herself that she will make Zhi Yao pay. 

Lu Zhi Yao’s assistant warns him that Wu Shi Chu is aiming to take his position. Zhi Yao still has Qin Shu on his mind and invites Qin Shu to discuss a merger again. Qin Shu agrees to the meeting, and with a gleam in her eye, tells her assistant Ada she’ll agree to a merger if it’s Qing Shu acquiring Lu Shi. During the visit to Zhi Yao’s factory, she asks to see their silk coating production. Lu Shi claims they’ll catch up to silk coating expertise at minimum one month, at maximum one year, sparking Qin Shu to question him about what his true motives are. He shows her the embroidery production, and catches her attempt to steal a discarded embroidery piece.

Later, Xiao Yu mentions that Zhi Yao has a secret source for the feathers he uses, Qin Shu realizes it’s the place she and Zhi Yao discovered together. She pays it a visit and the owner recognizes her as Qi Luo and sells her the feathers. When Zhi Yao pays him a visit to ask how he could’ve sold the feathers to someone else, the owner is adamant that it was Qi Luo. Zhi Yao visits Qin Shu to try to buy the feathers but she gleefully says she’s already sold the leftovers.

Qin Shu visits Man Man and tells her she had a nightmare about a boy who paints and Man Man concludes that after Qin Shu saw his painting she must’ve dreamt of him. They visit his memorial site together, where Qin Shu cries painfully. Qin Shu visits the Xing Xing Jia sanatorium for autistic children that had taken A Ze in at no cost and makes a donation. Mysteriously, it appears that A Ze is still alive.

Episode 4

Zhi Yao visits A Ze, who is sad that his sister has died, but Zhi Yao tells him that his sister is alive. Later, Zhi Yao’s assistant secretly takes a video inside Qing Shu’s warehouse and is distressed to report that the feathers are not being properly taken care of.

Qin Shu visits Zhi Yao’s factory, where he is working on emulating the feathers. When she picks up a call he is surprised to see the Xing Xing Jia sticker on the phone and questions her about why she has it. He tries to take her phone but she falls, revealing a scar on her hip. He tries to get a closer look but she angrily pushes him away, saying her body is full of scars. Zhi Yao flashes back to the past, when he pulled her out of the water and a crab had latched onto her body at that spot, presumably leaving a scar.

After leaving the factory, Qin Shu reveals to Ada that she took one of the feathers Zhi Yao is working on and tells her to have it examined, 

At home, Wei Ran disapproves of Qin Shu’s actions in taking the feathers from Lu Shi. Their mother holds a grudge against the Lu family, and leaves the room angrily. Qin Shu tries to smooth it over with Wei Ran, who says that he just wants their family to be peaceful and happy. He notices the sticker on her phone and asks why she went there.

When a dye issue arises for Lu Shi product, Wu Shi Chu takes advantage of the opportunity to take over the Adela contract (the contract that was awarded in the fashion show in the first episode). Later, Zhi Yao’s grandfather questions him about why he let his cousin take the Adela contract when he already had the evidence/documents on hand. He asks whether it’s because of Qin Shu.

Zhi Yao meets with Qin Shu and reveals that he hadn’t used dyed feathers. It was his plan to lure her into sending her shipment. Qin Shu remarks that he’s quite noble but he says he just wants to repent because he’s responsible for her being injured in the fire three years ago. 

Wu Shi Chu’s mother advises him not to fight with his cousin for the company and just support Lu Zhi Yao, but this just makes him even more determined with his plans.

Lu Zhi Yao tells the Xing Xing Jia director to reject Run Ze Capital’s investment offer even though it’s favorable to them. Run Ze Capital turns out to be Qin Shu’s, and Zhi Yao approaches her outside. He reveals that he’s the chairman of Xing Xing Jia and says he has something to show her.

Episode 5

Qin Shu walks over to the boy Zhi Yao said was the artist, holding out hope that it may be A Ze, but it’s a different boy. She walks back to Zhi Yao and he’s shocked and then angry that she’s acting like she doesn’t recognize him. She walks away and he catches up to her and accuses her of being Qi Luo.

Back at the table where the boy was sitting, A Ze returns and asks him to give his spot back. (So sad! A missed opportunity for Qin Shu to reunite with her brother.)

Qin Shu flies to France to win back Adela’s support. When Zhi Yao’s grandfather hears of this, he has his assistant go after the store location that Qin Shu has selected. Although she’s paid a deposit, Qin Shu is told that the location is no longer available. When she runs into Zhi Yao and learns that he’s the one who took the location, she accuses him of deliberately sabotaging her but he says his grandfather just sent him to sign the contract. Xiao Ya runs into them and takes them along to a jewelry store to pick up Ming Yu’s engagement ring, which Zhi Yao’s mother left for her future daughter-in-law. A flashback shows that Zhi Yao gave Qin Shu this ring and said the same thing, claiming that it was a one-of-a-kind ring for a one-of-a-kind girl. Xiao Ya reveals that the original ring was lost and Qin Shu was the one who helped design this copy as a surprise for the wedding. Qin Shu is shocked because this means the ring she received was the real one. 

Wei Ran finds Qin Shu outside of Man Man’s restaurant, and Man Man invites them in. Wei Ran remarks that Qin Shu doesn’t eat spicy food, causing Man Man to ask them if they’re really related.

Zhi Yao is looking at gallery spaces and asks if there are any other spaces, finding one that is exactly what he’s looking for. He seeks out Qin Shu and tries to give her art gallery tickets but she refuses.

Man Man is short paying back her landlord again and surprised by her landlord’s generosity in letting her slide again. She receives a delivery of art gallery tickets but has no idea who it’s from.

Meanwhile, Bai Ming Yu’s father apologizes to Qin Shu for the store location mishap but says he can’t refuse Zhi Yao’s grandfather’s request.

Qin Shu goes to Xiao Yu’s home for his mother’s debut anniversary celebration, and finds Zhi Yao there as well. They make dumplings and Xiao Yu’s mother asks Qin Shu where she learned to make them since her mother doesn’t cook. She claims she learned from classmates while studying in London but a flashback shows that Zhi Yao taught her. Xiao Yu’s mother blatantly hints that she thinks Xiao Yu and Qin Shu would be a good match, to Zhi Yao’s discomfort. Qin Shu tells Xiao Yu they should play along with it, escaping the house together but parting ways immediately outside.

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