Live Review: My Love from Another Star (2013)


I’m calling this a “live review” because I’m on episode 6 and I’m going to continue to update this post as I watch. After many years of resisting this drama, I finally caved and decided to try it out. I’m intrigued by it so far but at the same time there are SO MANY plot holes that I have to rant about it somewhere.

On a side note, I was pleasantly surprised to see some familiar faces in the supporting cast! I loved Ahn Jae-hyun in 2016’s Cinderella and Four Knights, and was excited to see him here as the female lead’s younger brother. Also, Yoo In-na from Goblin (2016) and Park Hae-jin from Cheese in the Trap (also 2016, lol).


Here are my reactions to the ridiculousness of this show.

Episodes 1-6

  1. Why does Song-yi even bother enrolling in college if she has no interest in attending??? It doesn’t make ANY sense. (Also, would her classmates really be that obnoxious? I mean, Emma Watson went to college in the US for a while and I am sure people stared and talked but hopefully they could still respect that she was obviously there to learn.)
  2. Are the guests at the cruise wedding questioned by the investigator or prosecutor?? Many heard Yoo-ra say she was going to be the next to be married and obviously she caught the bouquet…
  3. Song-yi witnessed Jae-kyung and Yoo-ra together and is aware that their relationship was secret. I know her character isn’t the brightest but isn’t this something worth mentioning???
  4. How rude is it that Song-yi leaves such a mess in Min-joon’s apartment?? He harbored her for several days because of those reporters, and bought her all the stuff she needed, and she can’t even be bothered to make an effort to clean up after herself???
  5. Why is Jae-kyung SO obviously a villainous character? I would have liked it if he were a charismatic character and then it was a twist halfway through where all the subtle signs had been there…
  6. Of course the prosectutor is Se-mi’s brother… He’s SO thorough but he leaves sensitive files out in his room? Why bring those home??
  7. What is the deal with Se-mi? I can’t get a read on her. Pretending to be the nice, loyal, overlooked friend? Why’d she keep that photo all along and never tell Song-yi?
  8. Why does Hee-kyung like Song-yi so much??? Also, is he actually dumb or does he just enjoy feigning ignorance to get what he wants?
  9. On her birthday, WHY is Song-yi wearing shorts when it’s clearly winter?? Everyone else is bundled up… Who decided this was a good idea???

Also, sorry, but I don’t particularly enjoy the flashbacks to Min-joon and the Song-yi lookalike. I just don’t find that storyline riveting. (Compared to say, Goblin, where I LOVED the past life scenes.)

Episodes 7-??

  1. I’m so annoyed that all Song-yi does now that she doesn’t have a schedule is eat. I understand that she’s finally free to eat whatever she wants and is excited, and that she hasn’t had this kind of freedom in general for 15 years but still.. what does Min-joon see in her…
  2. SMH @ Se-mi not even considering that Song-yi didn’t compete with her because she treated her as a friend.
  3. Why is it that during attempted-murder-in-hospital scenes, the hospitals are always dark, empty, and deserted? There should be nurses around 24/7!
  4. When Song-yi is in the car heading toward the edge of the cliff, why doesn’t she consider opening the door and jumping out??? I mean, I know that’s bound to cause an injury as well but isn’t there a better chance of survival if she jumps out rather than falling off the cliff in the car?


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