Review: I Hear You (2019)

I Hear You 2019

I Hear You (最动听的事) is a 24-episode Chinese drama that aired in January-February 2019 and is available on Netflix with English subtitles.

TLDR; version of this post: I thought I Hear You was boring and not memorable, but also not terrible in comparison to all the frustrating modern C-dramas out there.

Riley Wang plays the male lead, Ye Shu Wei, a talented and successful violin maker. This is the first drama I’ve seen him in. Zhao Lusi plays the female lead, Bei Er Duo (lol yes her name translates to ‘ear’, why do they do this), an aspiring voice actress. I’d seen her play a supporting character in last year’s Untouchable Lovers and I watched a few episodes of the webdrama she starred in, Oh! My Emperor. She has a rather distinctive raspy voice.

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The Brightest Star in the Sky (2019): Episode 44 Ending Recap

I was soooo excited for Huang Zitao and Janice Wu’s The Brightest Star in the Sky and even recapped the first episode. But the promising start quickly turned into a questionably-paced and poorly-written disappointment… I only made it through seven episodes and then skimmed through the last 20 episodes out of curiosity. I’ve decided to recap the final episode in case you also couldn’t finish the drama but want to know how it ends.


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Weekly Update: What I’m Watching & New on Netflix

I’m constantly watching dramas but not always posting and in an effort to pick things back up, I’ve decided to start a weekly post updating you on what I’m watching. Let me know what you’re watching in the comments as well! Is there a drama you’re enjoying, one you dropped, or something you’ll excited for?

i-hear-youI Hear You (2019) – on Netflix
I started watching I Hear You when it began airing in late January, but lost interest at around episode 16 when I had to wait for new episodes to air. It was just added to Netflix a few weeks ago so I’ve decided to finish the drama.

The 24-episode Chinese drama centers around Bei Er Duo (Zhao Lu Si, of Oh! My Emperor and Untouchable Lovers), an aspiring voice actress, and Ye Shu Wei (Riley Wang), a talented violin maker and composer, who pretend to be a couple for a couples reality show. Full review to come once I’ve finished the series, but I confess that I’m bored. It’s nice how passionate Bei Er Duo is about her dream, and I appreciate that her focus is that over any growing feelings for Ye Shu Wei. I am actually rooting more for the second couple.

well-intended loveWell Intended Love (2019) – on Netflix
This was also just added to Netflix, and I admit that I had no interest in watching this because I didn’t care for either of the leads. But the premise intrigued me, so I’m three episodes in and enjoying it.

A struggling actress (Wang Shuang/Simona Wang) is diagnosed with leukemia and marries a wealthy CEO (Xu Kai Cheng) because he is a bone marrow match. Seems like there’s more to the story though…

Scarlet_HeartScarlet Heart (2011) – on Viki
My friend watched the Korean remake a couple years back and told me some of the story, and although intrigued by the original Chinese version, I never felt compelled to watch this until another friend said it was her all-time favorite drama. Luckily, it’s on with English subtitles.

I’m six episodes in and I’m loving it! It’s funnier than I thought it’d be, but I can see from the intro and outro that there are some devastating moments to come. (Both songs sound so sad!) Also, soooo many princes LOL.

As for Korean dramas, I dropped Touch Your Heart because it was too fluffy for me. I’m curious about Her Private Life and Abyss, and may finish Because This Is My First Life sometime soon. (It’s not that I didn’t like it, it’s that it felt too real and sometimes I just want an escape!)

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Ending Recap: Summer’s Desire (2018)

Summer's Desire (2018)

I noticed people are finding my blog by searching for Summer’s Desire‘s ending so I’ve written both a quick summary of the ending as well as a more detailed recap of episodes 30-36 (the final episode).

There are spoilers for the ending of Summer’s Desire (2018) in this post. Only continue reading if you really want to know what happens!

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Review: Fight for My Way (2017)

Fight My Way 2017

Fight for My Way is from 2017 but I want to post about it because I LOVED IT. If you liked Park Seo Joon in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?, I think you’ll love him more in Fight for My Way. And if you loved Kim Ji Won in Descendants of the Sun, then seriously what are you waiting for? Fight for My Way is on Viki with English subtitles.

Fight for My Way is a friends-to-lovers rom-com with a great cast, a lot of laughs, and so many heartfelt moments. One of its strengths is how relatable it is. Our main characters, Dong Man (Park Seo Joon), Ae Ra (Kim Ji Won), Joo Man (Ahn Jae Hong), and Baek Seol Hee (Song Ha Yoon) are close friends and neighbors. Dong Man and Ae Ra have been friends since childhood, and both have big dreams buried in their hearts but are making it through each day with jobs they don’t love. Meanwhile, Joo Man and Seol Hee have dated for six years and work at the same company, where they’ve kept their relationship a secret.

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Review: All Is Well (2019)

All Is Well 2019

All Is Well, which aired in March this year, is not the type of Chinese drama I typically watch. As you can tell from past posts, I gravitate towards idol dramas and historical dramas, even crime dramas, with a romance-focused storyline. Meanwhile, All Is Well is a family-themed drama centering around the relationship between three adult siblings and their elderly father after their mother passes away.

All Is Well 2019

All Is Well is on YouTube with English subs and I definitely recommend it if you are interested in complicated family dynamics and learning about Chinese culture. The cast is stellar, and this drama was produced by Daylight Entertainment, the same company that made Nirvana in Fire, Ode to Joy, The Story of Minglan, When a Snail Falls in Love.

Note: This post is spoiler-free!

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The Brightest Star in the Sky (2019): Episode 1 Recap

IMG_7068I’ve been looking forward to The Brightest Star in the Sky starring Huang Zi Tao and Wu Qian (Janice Wu) ever since the trailer dropped way back in 2017. I’m ecstatic that it finally started airing this month and that it is on YouTube with English subs thanks to PreciousZTaoBar 2.

I typically like to wait until a drama is almost done airing so that I can read reviews & marathon the drama all at once… but I’ve already waited for this one for so long so I thought I’d watch it and recap it. Here’s the trailer if you haven’t seen it.

Tao’s character seems similar to his actual idol persona and I think he and Wu Qian are a great match so fingers crossed that this will be a fun contemporary drama. If you want to avoid spoilers, I will write up a First Impressions post after I’ve watched ~5 episodes.

Here we go with the recap!

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Halfway Point Review: Our Glamorous Time (2018)

Our Glamorous TimeOur Glamorous Time is a currently airing Chinese drama that can be streamed in the US on Viki. The drama stars Zhao Li Ying (Princess Agents, Rookie Agent Rouge, Noble Aspirations) and Jin Han (Princess Agents, The Princess Wei Young) in his first leading role.

I was initially intrigued by this drama because I’m still hopeful of finding a modern drama I like, and I liked Zhao Li Ying a lot in 2014’s Boss and Me. I find her very charming but haven’t seen her in anything else – I tried Princess Agents but it just didn’t appeal to me. I was even more hopeful about this drama when I discovered it was adapted from a Ding Mo novel. I enjoyed Love Me If You Dare and When a Snail Falls in Love, both of which were also adapted from Ding Mo novels. However, both of those dramas were light on romance and centered around crimes and police cases – Our Glamorous Time is very different.

Our Glamorous Time focuses on the business world, specifically the fashion industry, and the source of its drama is corporate rivalry and sabotage. Li Zhi Zheng is a former soldier who steps into a leadership role in his family’s company upon the death of his older brother and Lin Qian is a budding young fashion designer who wants to create her own original work. Both are very good-hearted people, and their romance is very sweet and easy (no love triangle, no endless misunderstandings, etc). Unfortunately, I find Jin Han’s acting really boring and I’m not sold on their chemistry. One of the other characters is absolutely awful but gets SO much screen time. There is another potential couple in the drama that I love though…


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First Impressions: Sweet Dreams (2018)

Sweet Dreams 2018

Chinese Name: 一千零一夜
Brief Summary: A chance encounter inspires Ling Ling Qi (Dilmurat Dilraba) to dream of becoming a florist, and she idolizes Bo Hai (Deng Lun), the founder of a well-known floral company. Meanwhile, an experimental bracelet causes Ling Ling Qi to meet Bo Hai in her dreams.
Stream It: Viki

After watching the first few episodes, I was concerned that this was going to be a bust for me – I can’t stand dramas with a lead character who is hopelessly obsessed with someone. Luckily, this passes quickly, and there’s a lot I’m liking about this drama!

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Live Review: My Love from Another Star (2013)


I’m calling this a “live review” because I’m on episode 6 and I’m going to continue to update this post as I watch. After many years of resisting this drama, I finally caved and decided to try it out. I’m intrigued by it so far but at the same time there are SO MANY plot holes that I have to rant about it somewhere.

On a side note, I was pleasantly surprised to see some familiar faces in the supporting cast! I loved Ahn Jae-hyun in 2016’s Cinderella and Four Knights, and was excited to see him here as the female lead’s younger brother. Also, Yoo In-na from Goblin (2016) and Park Hae-jin from Cheese in the Trap (also 2016, lol).


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