First Impression: To Be With You (2019)

To Be With You 2019

To Be With You (我要和你在一起) is a Chinese drama that is currently airing. With 65 episodes and not a single cast member I recognized, I wouldn’t have given it a try if it hadn’t appeared in my YouTube suggestions, but I’m SO glad I did because I am 22 episodes in and enjoying it so much! The leads have excellent chemistry, there is plenty of humor, and it’s well-paced. You can watch it on YouTube but there are no English subtitles.

Quick Intro to the Story:
Lin Meiya (Chai Biyun) returns to China after studying abroad in France for the past few years, excited to reunite with her boyfriend, Chen Zhe (Zhang Tao), whom she has known for 20 years. However, instead of proposing, Chen Zhe coldly breaks up with her, leaving Meiya devastated. Unbeknownst to Meiya, Chen Zhe has been secretly dating Ou Rui (Chang Shixin), the president of the company he works at, for the past two years.

On the same flight back, Meiya and Ou Yang (Sun Shaolong) accidentally take home each other’s luggage and soon find that Ou Yang’s best friend, Li Dong (Wan Siwei), has known Meiya for years due to his family’s one of many restaurants being across from Meiya’s dad’s food stall. It just so happens that Ou Yang is Ou Rui’s brother and the vice president at the company—which Meiya’s professor has recommended her for a job at. (What a small world, right? lol.) Ou Rui is smart and diligent, but her father outlooks her as his successor in favor of Ou Yang, causing her to resent her brother.

Rounding out the characters are Li Weiwei (Zoe Shen Tao Ran), Li Dong’s spoiled younger sister who has her eyes set on Ou Lin, and Xu Siyu (Wang Yuanhui), Meiya’s best friend who is from a rich family.

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