Review: Sunshine of My Life (2021)

Sunshine of My Life (2021)

It’s been a long time since I’ve reviewed any dramas, but don’t worry, I have watched quite a few recently so hopefully this is a first of a spree of reviews!

Sunshine of My Life (若你安好便是晴天) aired back in March/April, and although it doesn’t offer anything new, it was an enjoyable romance drama set in the fashion industry. Although it’s 45 episodes, this drama doesn’t feel long because the lead couple have plenty of sweet scenes together and there was *almost* no unreasonable scheming villain character. I’d call this cliches done well, and I often rewatch clips from this drama when YouTube recommends them to me. This drama is available on both Viki and YouTube.

Premise / Plot

First of all, I have seen PLENTY of dramas that feature a pairing between a male CEO in the fashion industry and an aspiring fashion designer. It was just last year that I watched Love Designer and Dear Designer (some really creative drama titles..). Our Glamorous Time from 2018 comes to mind as well, but I dropped that one.

The romance between the main character Tang Ming Xuan (Zhang Han) and Mo Fei (Xu Lu) is very satisfying. You won’t be suffering for 40+ episodes to finally see them together. They support each other’s careers, they work through normal relationship issues, and they’re unfazed by others who try to stand between them. Sure, there’s some jealousy but they don’t go down the “I’m not good enough for you” route or the self-sacrificing “I should leave because it’s better for you” route. Zhang Han and Xu Lu had such great chemistry that I don’t think I can watch Xu Lu paired with Lin Yi in her new drama.

Although this drama uses a lot of common tropes, it uses them in a reasonable way that isn’t over-the-top. Aside from one specific storyline, things were resolved pretty calmly. Scheming and angst are pretty low, and I didn’t feel any second lead syndrome.

Read more for my thoughts on the cast & characters, with no spoilers!

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