Recap: Fate (aka Just to See You) Episodes 1-5

Fate, aka Just to See You (2020)

I confess that I am always curious about trope-filled melodramas: the kind with love triangles/squares, intense business rivalries, company heirs forced into arranged marriages, buried secrets / birth secrets. For example, last year’s To Be With You (which I even partially recapped) and Nice to Meet You, or Royal Princess Returns (2017) and Love & Life & Lie (2017).

Fate (also known as Just to See You), a 40-episode Chinese drama that began airing in late November, definitely fits this profile. Noting that this drama was actually filmed back in 2017 but is finally airing, but aside from noticing outdated phones, it hasn’t made a difference in the viewing experience so far. I’m recapping the first five episodes here, so there will be spoilers below!

The first couple episodes were a little cringey so I skimmed through some parts, but I’m really liking the main characters together. Despite the unrealistic way they meet and start living together, I like that their friendship forms over time and that the male lead supports the female lead and helps her strategize. If it weren’t for the love square, I feel like this drama could’ve been a lighter rom-com! After all, there’s already a worthy villain storyline and the female lead seems to have plenty of potential romantic interests already. Unfortunately, I feel that a lot of angst and heartbreak will follow.

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