Slice of Life Korean Dramas on Netflix

Slice of Life Korean Dramas on Netflix

When it comes to Korean dramas, I enjoy fun (and tropey) romantic comedies and exciting action thrillers, but there’s something so moving about these relatable slice of life dramas that capture everyday life, including friendship, family, and career struggles. Recently I watched Because This is My First Life, Hello My Twenties, and Prison Playbook⁠ on Netflix (U.S.), and highly recommend all three! Because This is My First Life is also on Viki.

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Review: I Hear You (2019)

I Hear You 2019

I Hear You (最动听的事) is a 24-episode Chinese drama that aired in January-February 2019 and is available on Netflix with English subtitles.

TLDR; version of this post: I thought I Hear You was boring and not memorable, but also not terrible in comparison to all the frustrating modern C-dramas out there.

Riley Wang plays the male lead, Ye Shu Wei, a talented and successful violin maker. This is the first drama I’ve seen him in. Zhao Lusi plays the female lead, Bei Er Duo (lol yes her name translates to ‘ear’, why do they do this), an aspiring voice actress. I’d seen her play a supporting character in last year’s Untouchable Lovers and I watched a few episodes of the webdrama she starred in, Oh! My Emperor. She has a rather distinctive raspy voice.

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Weekly Update: What I’m Watching & New on Netflix

I’m constantly watching dramas but not always posting and in an effort to pick things back up, I’ve decided to start a weekly post updating you on what I’m watching. Let me know what you’re watching in the comments as well! Is there a drama you’re enjoying, one you dropped, or something you’ll excited for?

i-hear-youI Hear You (2019) – on Netflix
I started watching I Hear You when it began airing in late January, but lost interest at around episode 16 when I had to wait for new episodes to air. It was just added to Netflix a few weeks ago so I’ve decided to finish the drama.

The 24-episode Chinese drama centers around Bei Er Duo (Zhao Lu Si, of Oh! My Emperor and Untouchable Lovers), an aspiring voice actress, and Ye Shu Wei (Riley Wang), a talented violin maker and composer, who pretend to be a couple for a couples reality show. Full review to come once I’ve finished the series, but I confess that I’m bored. It’s nice how passionate Bei Er Duo is about her dream, and I appreciate that her focus is that over any growing feelings for Ye Shu Wei. I am actually rooting more for the second couple.

well-intended loveWell Intended Love (2019) – on Netflix
This was also just added to Netflix, and I admit that I had no interest in watching this because I didn’t care for either of the leads. But the premise intrigued me, so I’m three episodes in and enjoying it.

A struggling actress (Wang Shuang/Simona Wang) is diagnosed with leukemia and marries a wealthy CEO (Xu Kai Cheng) because he is a bone marrow match. Seems like there’s more to the story though…

Scarlet_HeartScarlet Heart (2011) – on Viki
My friend watched the Korean remake a couple years back and told me some of the story, and although intrigued by the original Chinese version, I never felt compelled to watch this until another friend said it was her all-time favorite drama. Luckily, it’s on with English subtitles.

I’m six episodes in and I’m loving it! It’s funnier than I thought it’d be, but I can see from the intro and outro that there are some devastating moments to come. (Both songs sound so sad!) Also, soooo many princes LOL.

As for Korean dramas, I dropped Touch Your Heart because it was too fluffy for me. I’m curious about Her Private Life and Abyss, and may finish Because This Is My First Life sometime soon. (It’s not that I didn’t like it, it’s that it felt too real and sometimes I just want an escape!)

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