First Impressions: The Centimeter of Love (Episodes 1-16)

The Centimeter of Love (2020)

I haven’t been writing first impression posts anymore because I frequently enjoy the first fourth or third of a drama, only to find myself losing interest during the remainder and dropping it. 😅 However, I’m watching the currently-airing Chinese drama The Centimeter of Love (爱的厘米), and it’s impossible to watch without discussing it. It’s available on YouTube, and it looks like they’ve added English subtitles!

The main characters, Guan Yu Qing (Tong Liya) and Xu Qing Feng (Tong Dawei), are both multi-layered, likable, and mature, and have great chemistry. Yu Qing is a skilled pilot, while Qing Feng is a talented surgeon. It’s refreshing to see older characters who are successful; I’ve been a little tired of watching CEOs in every single drama. It’s over time that Yu Qing and Qing Feng begin to develop feelings for each other. I really appreciate the pacing here, and that it’s not love at first sight or some dramatic set-up.

BUT, almost every supporting character is almost unbearable to watch. 😬 It’s truly a battle of which character is the absolute worst, and there are moments in every single episode that will probably enrage you.

I’ve watched 16 episodes, but there are 44 in total, so it’s too soon for me to determine whether I’d recommend it or not. So far, I’d say: yes, despite some extremely frustrating side characters, the main characters are fantastic.

(Also: I really liked Tong Liya’s supporting role in Nirvana in Fire 2 and wanted to watch more of her dramas, but couldn’t get into Perfect Partner from earlier this year. I haven’t seen Tong Dawei since 2017’s Love Actually; I caught a few episodes of If I Can Love You So last year but it seemed too melodramatic. I didn’t really have any thoughts on their pairing before watching, but now I love them together!)

SPOILERS AFTER THIS POINT! I will rant about and rank the worst characters.

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