Triad Princess (2019): Episode 1 Recap

Triad Princess 2019

I’ve been so excited for Netflix’s original series, Triad Princess, because it stars Eugenie Liu and Jasper Liu. After watching two out of the six episodes, I’m really enjoying this action-romance-comedy. Six episodes seems so short, so my guess is they’re waiting to see if it does well before ordering a second season.

Drama Synopsis: Eugenie Liu plays An Qi (the subtitles say Angie), the daughter of a mob boss who runs away from home to avoid an arranged marriage. Meanwhile, Jasper Liu plays Yi Hang, a popular actor known for his charming, warm personality, and it just so happens that Angie’s fierceness melts into a fangirl daze every time she thinks about Jasper. When Yi Hang’s reported girlfriend and actress Ling Yun, played by Cecilia Choi, receives a blackmail letter, their manager hires An Qi to be Ling Yun’s bodyguard.

Keep reading for my recap of the first episode!

Episode 1

Yi Hang and Ling Yun’s manager, Sophia visits Angie’s father (who I will refer to as Boss Ni from this point onwards) at his home to ask for his help. Showing him the blackmail letter she’s received, Sophia explains that she can’t go to the cops because they will leak it to the media. She has come to him because she knows that Boss Ni’s late wife was a celebrity and he still helps new talent. She asks for a skilled female, and when Boss Ni replies that all his people are men, she asks about his daughter.

In the middle of the night, Yi Hang visits a shrine (temple?) in his pajamas. He encounters a priestess who hands him a slip of paper telling him his “fortune and marriage are predestined.” When he looks up questioningly, he’s mystified to see that the priestess has disappeared.

Three of Angie’s men are staked out in a car, waiting for her latest boyfriend. One recounts Angie’s string of terrible ex-boyfriends’ offenses. (Basically they all cheated on her.)

Meanwhile, Yi Hang returns home and is informed that due to water pipe damage, he can take a shower at the hotel nearby.

Angie’s boyfriend has checked into a hotel room and arranges for a call girl. The leader of Angie’s men, Lin Gui, instructs to get the job done while keeping a low profile. They intercept the call girl, but she gives the wrong room name. We’re tipped off that Angie’s men have actually grabbed Yi Hang when we see his car parked in the spot corresponding to the room name the girl gave.

Unfortunately, when Angie arrives at the bridge her men have brought Yi Hang to, there’s a hood over his head that muffles his voice. All he sees before she kicks him off the bridge into the water are her sticker-covered boots.

Boss Ni turns to his wife’s altar to ask her guidance in determining whether or not to accept Sophia’s request. Unfortunately, the divination blocks do not fall in her favor. Angie returns to her home just as Sophia is leaving, and recognizes her as Yi Hang’s agent. As Boss Ni walks Sophia out, Angie follows them exclaiming that she is willing to take the job.

A grimey looking Yi Hang walks into the convenience store that Ding Ding is working in. Ding Ding stealthily snaps a photo and sends it to Angie.

Angie doesn’t see it because she’s too busy trying to convince her father to let her take the job. Noticing wedding biscuits on the table, she discovers that he is planning for her to marry Eddie Kim. She flashes back to Eddie as a fat little kid and their silly conversation about getting married. (This child-Eddie licking a lollipop is hilarious.) It was Angie’s mother’s dying wish for her to marry at the age of 25 (what??) so her father wants to see it through. When she asks why she can’t find real love on her own, he replies that she’s tried unsuccessfully six times in the past five years. Apparently Eddie’s from the biggest triad in Hong Kong so combined, they will be even more powerful. Angie tries to escape but her father’s men capture her.

Before Yi Hang leaves the convenience store, Ding Ding stops him to give him his jacket. Yi Hang initially refuses it, but Ding Ding explains that it’ll be unfortunate if he catches a cold. Is this the beginning of a beautiful friendship?!

When Yi Hang returns to his home, the front desk informs him that his manager and Ling Yun are in his apartment.

Sophia’s plan is for Ling Yun to stay at Yi Hang’s apartment for media exposure. Ling Yun mentions that after all these years as friends, there’s never been any chemistry between her and Yi Hang. Sophia makes it clear she would be thrilled it something did happen between them. She also asks Ling Yun about the blackmail letter, but Ling Yun denies knowing what the letter is referring to. Sophia asks her again if she knows who sent her the letter, and it looks like Ling Yun might’ve said something, but Yi Hang returns at that moment.

Yi Hang just wants to go take a shower, but Sophia asks him what’s going on. She’s been hearing from clients about his work ethic being lacking recently. Before she leaves, Sophia tells Yi Hang and Ling Yun she’s notified the paparazzi and instructs them on when to go downstairs the next morning.

Angie’s room is filled with Yi Hang posters and a giant face pillow. On the phone with Ding Ding, she can’t believe she missed an opportunity to meet Yi Hang. She tells him about her father’s plan to marry her off to Eddie. Ding Ding suggests that she plan an escape. Inspired, Angie calls in Lin Gui and demands his weapon, money, and clothes so she can sneak out pretending to be him. He asks Angie to knock him out so her father won’t punish him.

Having successfully escaped, Angie sends Sophia a text message to meet at a temple. A group of young hooligans approach her as Lin Gui and two henchmen watch from nearby in a car, but Angie ignores them and leaves when Sophia arrives. She explains that she wants to be a modern, independent woman and asks for a chance.

Sophia refuses to agree without Angie’s father’s consent, but Angie asks her to leave it to the gods since they’re at a temple. She suggests they use divination blocks, and Sophia is amused that this tactic apparently runs in the family. To Sophia’s shock, Angie shoots the cars of those hooligan’s into the ‘yes’ answer.

I love that most of the clips I saw in the teaser were from this episode! I hate it when teasers/trailers give away too much of the plot. This drama is definitely a comedy and not an intense mob drama, and it’s a fun watch so far.

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