Triad Princess (2019): Episode 2 Recap

Triad Princess 2019 Episode 2

These episodes are so quick and light that you can easily watch one after another. In the second episode, An Qi begins her job as Ling Yun’s bodyguard-slash-assistant while continuing to avoid her father. Meanwhile, Yi Hang is working on a secret project.

An Qi reports to her first day of work. Noticing the dreamy look on her face, Sophia warns her to take the bodyguard job seriously and not to reveal her gangster connections. She has her assistant Nana show An Qi around. Nana tells An Qi not to use Yi Hang’s mug so of course she picks it up and imagines Yi Hang pouring a drank into it and handing it to her. An Qi will need to be familiar with all of Ling Yun’s habits so Nana will provide a list for her. An Qi asks for a list of Yi Hang’s habits as well, just in case her assistance is needed.

Yi Hang has caught a cold after all and it seems like he’s hard at work writing a gangster-related action romance. He’s written notes on his blackboard wall and I’m amused to see ‘SAVES THE CAT’???

After using all her cash on her hotel room, An Qi meets with Lin Gui to demand more money. Her words sound harsh but they’ve clearly known each other for a long time.

Now that her money problem is resolved, An Qi pays Ding Ding a visit at the convenience store. He asks why she’s working when she doesn’t lack money, and she gives her speech about becoming an independent woman again. With that settled, he asks if it’s dangerous for her to be outside alone. An Qi reminds him that she has a gun, a taekwondo fourth-degree black belt, and boxing skills—and three of her dad’s men are following her.

While Ding Ding goes to the restroom, two men come into the convenience store to commit a robbery. An Qi hands over not only the few bills in the cash register but also her own bag of money. And that’s because the moment the two men exit the store, Lin Gui and approximately twenty men surround him.

After the two men have returned the money, Yi Hang walks up towards the store with a bag in her arms (I assume it’s Ding Ding’s jacket) and encounters the commotion. Lin Gui warns him that it’s a dangerous area and to go home.

Before An Qi leaves, Ding Ding hands her a CD labeled ‘The Best of Ding Ding’ and asks her to pass it onto Sophia if she has a chance.

The next day at the office, An Qi is gleefully drinking out of Yi Hang’s mug as Ling Yun tells Sophia that she doesn’t need a bodyguard and has never had an assistant.

An Qi speaks up and shares her newfound knowledge of Ling Yun’s habits to show that aside from being her bodyguard, she can also be a helpful assistant. Ling Yun caves and accepts.

Meanwhile, Yi Hang stops by the convenience store to return Ding Ding’s jacket, and also pulls out his notebook to ask Ding Ding about the gangsters in the area.

Sophia visits a grave and leaves a Lego block vehicle to join the Lego robot. I wonder what her backstory is.

On the way to a filming site, Ling Yun’s taxi driver drops her off in a remote area. At the filming site, An Qi is asked to locate Ling Yun and the tracking app An Qi has comes in handy. She buys an electric scooter from an old lady to pick up Ling Yun.

During the filming, An Qi is genuinely impressed by Ling Yun’s performance, and remarks to her afterwards that her performance was so amazing she would have thought Ling Yun had done drugs before. Ling Yun is quick to reply that she’s never done drugs. Hmm, is her secret past related to drugs? An Qi is given an important contract to give to Sophia.

On the way home, Ling Yun receives a call from Sophia telling her to go to Yi Hang’s. Excited at this opportunity to see Yi Hang’s place, An Qi claims she needs to use the bathroom.

Ling Yun looks troubled by the latest text message she’s received, and deletes it.

Meanwhile, An Qi finds Yi Hang’s bedroom and rolls around on his bed with his stuffed elephant. Yi Hang steps out of the bathroom and returns to his room. Mortified at being caught, she tosses him the elephant, grabs the contract she’d left on his desk, and runs out in a rush. It seems that she also grabbed Yi Hang’s notebook as well.

Ling Yun explains to Yi Hang that An Qi is her new assistant.

In the morning, Yi Hang asks Ling Yun if she thinks An Qi will tell other people about his elephant pajamas. (LOL.) He asks Ling Yun for An Qi’s name and where she lives, because she might have taken something from his room last night. When Ling Yun presses about what it was, Yi Hang gets defensive and only explains that it’s something very important to him but it’s a secret. Ling Yun nods.

Boss Ni enters the hotel lobby with a whole slew of men behind him. Lin Gui sneaks into a bathroom to call An Qi and warn her.

An Qi is able to sneak out of her room in time, but her attempt to hide behind and roll a cleaning cart past her father fails. (I can’t believe she thought her attempt would work.) So she makes a run for it, and reaches the exit just as Yi Hang pulls up in his car. She jumps in smoothly, surprising him because she’s exactly the person he’s looking for. An Qi quickly tells him to hurry up and go, just in time before her father’s men catch up.

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